I feel like a heavy load has found 

Another place

Except my shoulders

To weigh on.

I feel like the mist of

Cloudy illusions

Has finally cleared under the

Warmth of the midday sun.

I feel as if I have

Been given the luxury

Of fresh breath

As I breathe that

Sigh of relief…

That breath of…

Finally, it is done…

I am satisfied

With the progress I have made…


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We are beings of love

And light.

Fearless are we

When we walk in the dawn of a new day, yet

Fearful are we

When we tread the evenings of dark skies, yet

We are beings of light

And love

If only we believe that we are…

And walk this earth with fearless hearts.

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When do we get to say

I know it all

And attribute that knowing to

The all encompassing word

Called wisdom?

Who determines the extent 

Of that knowing?

A word to the wise is sufficient.

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The Wind

I see nothing with my physical eyes

And yet I know

Something is there

Because I feel the gentle whisper 

As it brushes through the tiny hairs on my arms

And rustles through the density of the hair on my head;

It cools me off

At those moments when the generosity of the sun

Causes my body to turn on its natural faucet of water oozing

From my skin;

I see nothing

And yet,

I know its there…

The wind.



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H ow apt a word used to describe the

A ttitude I feel when I

P erceive the

P ossibilities that exist alone or

I ntertwined, and 

N eedless to say, their

E xpression and exhilaration only

S ay without restraint, the total

S ymphony of joy when I am a source of



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Today I heard something that did not

exactly nurture the need in my spirit

and yet

I accepted it because

there will be times


life will answer our thoughts

with replies that do not seem ‘right’

at that moment in time;


if we wait and allow things to flow

we will see the connection…

and the timing

which we could not as yet



because of Divine Intervention

it was right.



what we may consider ‘disappointment’ now,

is only ‘divine-appointment’ later.

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I feel joy within

without any outward reason to feel it.

I feel peace within

without any motive to be calm going through the rough waters of emotions.

I feel music within

and dance with the melody without the sound echoing loudly.

I feel so many emotions within

that are not always a product of something without…but



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