H ow apt a word used to describe the

A ttitude I feel when I

P erceive the

P ossibilities that exist alone or

I ntertwined, and 

N eedless to say, their

E xpression and exhilaration only

S ay without restraint, the total

S ymphony of joy when I am a source of



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Today I heard something that did not

exactly nurture the need in my spirit

and yet

I accepted it because

there will be times


life will answer our thoughts

with replies that do not seem ‘right’

at that moment in time;


if we wait and allow things to flow

we will see the connection…

and the timing

which we could not as yet



because of Divine Intervention

it was right.



what we may consider ‘disappointment’ now,

is only ‘divine-appointment’ later.

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I feel joy within

without any outward reason to feel it.

I feel peace within

without any motive to be calm going through the rough waters of emotions.

I feel music within

and dance with the melody without the sound echoing loudly.

I feel so many emotions within

that are not always a product of something without…but



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S…see the sun making light on the horizon

U…undeniably welcome after the darkness of the night

N…needed to provide nourishment to plants, people and animals

S…simple yet without it, all things go into dormancy

H…healing for the tired soul whose sole purpose is found in energetic solar light

I…incomparable to man-made generated light and heat


E…eternal and everlasting,




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It is dark outside

And yet there in the darkness

I see the faint white light of

The banana shaped crescent moon

As it peeps through the grey cover of the nighttime clouds;

Finally, it breaks through completely

To reveal its somewhat iridescent light

As it seems to meander through 

The background of various shades of grey, dark bluish, black clouds of the spring night.

It makes the night seem clear as day

If you focus on its beam

As the earth seems to rotate

With soft undulating pulses of energetic life

Where you are stationary and all around you moves.

I could stare at the moonlight all night

Till early dawn

When the sun commands his presence

And reminds Lady Moon

That she too

Must rest

After shining all night

Being a beacon 

For those who too, must toil at night.

For all to enjoy her glory.


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A chance

I look outside my glass sliding door

And see the beauty of green grass laden with frosty dew of the night before


I see the cows slowly meandering from the open barn

To taste of this organic meal

Where no thought is cast as to it being chemically free;

I look outside my glass sliding door

And through the sparsely filled in spaces

Where un-sprout leaves have yet to adorn bare branches


I see a steamboat chug along towards the harbor;

I look outside my glass sliding door


I see instead,

The image of myself reflected

As I sit at my table where fruits in a basket

Remind me to eat, and

My computer, reminding me to keep writing,

And I realize…

I have yet another chance

Another day

To live.

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…i wonder what to do today

…i think about the list that never seems to end


never seems to be none to be done

…and i wonder how it will be at the end


i turn over to the next side of the bed…


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